Drive Interactive Group in Houston TX is here to help your company achieve pay-per-click (PPC) advertising success

Pay Per Click Advertising Success

We will let you in on a little secret: PPC platforms are designed to make as much money as possible…for themselves.

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and all the rest make ENORMOUS amounts of money on one simple fact- they know you don’t know how to make the most out of their system so they set the rules when it comes to expected ROI.
But what if you had someone in your corner who knew not only how to maximize your ROI on PPC advertising and reach the most people but also how to, over time, reduce the amount you pay in for ads while continuing to help you reach your business goals?

Drive Interactive Group has the experience and up to date knowledge it takes to make the most out of PPC advertising in order to reduce what you pay while maximizing your reach to your target market.


Perhaps best of all: you don’t have to spend valuable time learning the ins and outs of effective PPC management or the time it takes to create, split test, and modify ad campaigns to make them work to the max.

We take care of all of that for you!

Know this: your competition is using PPC advertising RIGHT NOW to attract customers that could be yours.

Can you afford not to step up to the PPC plate in your target market?

Contact us now for more information or skip the analysis paralysis and let’s get started!

The Power of Retargeting

Have you ever wondered how the internet seems to track where you have been by putting links to websites you have visited when you are online doing something completely unrelated?

It’s not magic; it’s called retargeting.

Google, Facebook, and other online platforms allow business owners like yourself to embed a pixel into the source code of your website (ultra-geekiness is behind us now, you can breathe).

This piece of code, called a cookie, stays with the person who has visited or interacted with your website, making your website link or a specific offer show up later as they do their thing online.

Retargeting is a powerful way to stay in front of a potential customer who may have only given your website a cursory glance, got distracted (because that NEVER happens when you’re online), or were taking the time to research local service providers and moved on to the next one.

Retargeting (sometimes called remarketing) is an advertising element offered by the online platforms listed above and is one of the more economical ways to reach potential customers after they have shown an interest in your company and what you offer.

When combined with traditional PPC ad campaigns other online marketing strategies like local and organic SEO that keep your company’s brand at the top of search results and traffic flowing to your website (where all visitors receive a free cookie) your marketing efforts are certain to keep you busy and growing!

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